Welcome to our Online Brotherhood.

Engaging Locally, Connected Globally. We're weaving a worldwide web of men rising up to do the work.

The world is in great turmoil, changing rapidly and this change demands for men to rise up in a powerful and new way.

It’s time for a new narrative and culture of masculinity – one of growth, healing, empowerment and brotherhood.

A community of men, rising up to become better men everyday, have risen to the occasion to bring this new narrative to life. 

This community is The Gathering of Men.

The Gathering of Men is a growing global brotherhood that offers both an online and offline community, workshops, and retreats for men who want to connect with other men in a supportive and inspiring way.

We are focused on creating an environment that is both welcoming and supportive, genuine and sacred, as well as playful and fun. A place where men can feel safe to be their true selves and grow together.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, we relearn the ways of our ancient ancestors as we pave the way forward for our future generations.

Why join our online Brotherhood?

This is your place to go to stay informed, to connect with your brothers and be engaged in the community.

Because it will serve you as a co-created library where you can share, study and read articles, find documentaries and movies to watch and be inspired.

We also have weekly check-in's so you can come together, connect and engage with your fellow men who may be anywhere in the world, so we can weave a world wide web to a global growth tribe where you get to share what's alive in your world.

We invite you to engage & share inspiration that you find around specific topics that comprise the key pillars of Masculine Alchemy, such as; Personal Growth, Purpose, Sexuality, Authenticity & Integrity, Business & much more.

What to expect?

  • Weekly online check-in's.
  • Engage around a variety of topics.
  • Get informed and inspired through articles, posts, polls and questions.
  • Share and study inspiring movies, documentaries, books and music.
  • Connect with your brothers through group chats and direct messaging.
  • Keep the conversation going before, during and after our in-person events.

And the best thing, we make sure that it’s for free.
A gift from us to you,

 Although a donation is always more than welcome to help us keep it running!